Hello Life Changers! I am Dr. Dana Cameron, and I am a Christian Coach with over 10 years of experience helping business minded individuals, like you, overcome fears and launch profitable businesses!

I had humble beginnings... 

I was a single mother with 2 children when I started Dr. Dana Coaching.

I remember feeling like my dreams of being fully self-employed in my own business "would never happen". 

Like many new entrepreneurs, the startup process was overwhelming and frustrating. I knew what I wanted to do but had no clue on how to do it. I wanted to give up so many times, but an internal pull within me wouldn't let me quit.

Despite having experience coaching others, I lacked confidence in my coaching approach and initially priced my services "way to low." I felt so lost, and I just needed HELP!

Instead of connecting with a coach, I did things the hard way, made a lot of costly mistakes, and wasted a lot of time. Now, you can learn from my MISTAKES and LAUNCH YOUR BUSINESS IN 30 DAYS!

 Through coaching, I realize that many of my clients don't lack the necessary skills to succeed but rather doubt their ability to succeed. For this reason, I offer one-on-one coaching, 

The difference between my coaching program and others is simply the results!


Dr. Dana Coaching offers personal, business, and financial coaching. Dr. Dana and her business partners are licensed in the financial industry and can provide income protection, long-term investments options, and educate entrepreneurs on how to make money, save money, and get out of debt! Why is this important?
  • 70% of small business owners have outstanding debt​
  • 50% of small business owners that fail in the first 12 months list lack of capital or cash flow as the number one challenge
  • 40% of small business owners don't have retirement savings