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What is the Y.L.O.T Program?

Young Leaders of Tomorrow (YLOT) program will offer leadership development, mentoring, tutoring, life skills development, and job placement to teens from various socioeconomic backgrounds while targeting those of disadvantage communities. 


YLOT’s mission is to develop strong leadership qualities in each and every teen and young adult entering into the program. As each youth gain the necessary leadership qualities, YLOT will charge them to be positive role model, mentors, peer- to- peer counselors and leaders of tomorrow.


YLOT’s goal is to foster self-sufficiency and self-actualization in each and every teen and young adult. 


YLOT’s objective is to ensure that each youth under the government of the program will gain useful tools and techniques of proper interpersonal skills, effective communication, academic achievement and will exemplify personal success within the home, school, and community. While gaining these tools, the YLOT program will foster proper life skills development such as: money management, skill building techniques for daily tasks, and personal and social growth. In addition, the youth within the program will be equipped to obtain a substantial place within the economic arena by obtaining gainful employment.


Program Services:

  • Services that extend into the home, school and community setting.

  • Life Skills Development

  • Mentoring

  • Character building K-5 students

  • Leadership Development through Youth Empowering Youth (YEY!) Program

  • Tutoring through Young Academic Achievement Program (Y.A.A)

  • Community outreach-volunteer experience





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