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What Are The Benefits of
Personal Coaching?

How it works

The reality is, sometimes you just need help.

hihiAsk yourself this question, if you could have accomplished your goals by yourself, wouldn't you already have?

hihiYou feel creatively frustrated on your current job.

hihiYou know that greatness is within you, but you just need a plan of action.

hihiYou struggle with balancing the demands of life.


hihiYou know with self-discipline and consistency you can thrive .

You are finally ready to get in the drivers seat of life.

hihiYou know with an accoutability partner and clearly defined goals you can accomplish your dreams.

You are ready to create financial wealth in your own business!


What Are The Benefits of  
Online Group Business Coaching ?

Help You Balance Life

hihiStarting a business can be overwhelming and frustrating. The good news is YOU dont have to do it alone.

hihidodddDon't let anyone fool you, fear, procrasination, and doubt are REAL for many new entrepreneurs.

hihiTake a"LEAP OF FAITH" and trust your ability  to "SUCCEED" in your own business.

hihidoddddNetwork with other LIKE-MINDED individuals.

hihidoddddSpend more TIME with the people and things you love.

hihSALet's get started!


What Makes Dr. Dana Coaching Different?


Dr. Dana, also known as the "Christian Coach" believes with the help of God you can accomplish your personal, professional, and business goals. "I know with God, a clear plan of action, and follow through you will succeed as an entrepreneur".



Dr. Dana's unique "Next Level" coaching approach will empower you to take your vision from your heart, to your head, onto paper, and finally to reality! Each stage is critical. "Many business minded individuals get stuck in the heart stage which is the passion, dream, and desire stage". Other entrepreneurs spend years in the head stage which is thinking, brainstorming, and processing vs. implementation. The paper stage is when you start to write your ideas down, get clarity, and take your dreams seriously. Dr. Dana's proven system will help you smoothly transition into business ownership.

Whether you are a current business owner or desire to be a business owner, Dr. Dana and her coaching team can help you move past procrastination, fear, and doubt to create financial wealth in your own business.

What Are People Saying About Dr. Dana Coaching

“Dr Dana is very informed when it comes to helping you get to the next level. She will go above and beyond to help you achieve your goals. She will give you the tools you need to succeed. Thanks Dr Dana for helping me be authentically me.”

Jeanetta, Norfolk VA

“Through Dr. Dana’s wisdom, knowledge, and customized insight, I have written my vision, organized, planned, implemented, and finally accomplished it. I do not believe I would have been able to do this without her patient and wise leadership. I consider her to be a master of life hacks. One who can take any obstacle, dream, or vision from the realm of impossible to your new reality!”


Val, Chesapeake VA

“Dr. Dana has been inspiring, empowering and motivating me for years. If you lack focus in your business then you need her services. I recommend Dr. Dana Coaching, hands down, without hesitation.”


                                                                           Alisia, Virginia Beach, VA

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