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Dr. Dana Cameron
"Coach & Course Facilitator"

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Many of you know Dr. Dana from her encouraging words on the 5 Minute Word of Empowerment" radio show that comes on Praise the Ultimate Experience. What you don't know about Dr. Dana is, she is a motivational speaker, licensed in the financial industry, trained and educated in the business field, a master's in social work with over 16 years of experience, and passionate about helping you get to your next level!

Trust me. "I understand how hard it is getting your business ideas out of your head, onto paper, and into reality! "I know how it feels when you are creatively frustrated in life but lack self-confidence or a workable plan of action to pursue your dreams. I know how the fear of failure, fear of success, fear of rejection, fear of change, fear of the unknown, and fear of the opinions of others can create self-doubt and barriers to success".

Dr. Dana has a wealth of knowledge and has years of experience helping career professionals and business minded individuals succeed. "I can't wait for me and my team to be your greatest cheerleader on your road to success!"
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Rodrica Clark
"Business Manager & Course Facilitator "

Rodrica Clark is the Senior Executive Coordinator with Dr. Dana Coaching and has over 10 years of experience in customer service and administrative support. Rodrica obtained her associate degree in Business Management from Patrick Henry Community College in 2017.

Throughout her career, Rodrica has gained experience through a variety of roles in business and management. Rodrica is a member of the Women’s Lead Team for the Danville Chamber of Commerce and has become a stable advocate for young leaders in her community. Outside of work, Rodrica is a single mother to an active three-year-old daughter, Rylee. Rodrica also enjoys spending time with her family and friends. Her hobbies include cooking, traveling, and reading. 

Teshaira Lee
"Career Facilitator"

Teshaira Lee is the Career Facilitator with Dr Dana Coaching. Teshaira believes she has never met a stranger and loves people in general. She is a “Woman Builder” and single mom advocate. Lee is the CEO of “From Orphan to Queen” (a blog and clothing line designed to empower women). She is also the founder of Huddles for the Heart” an organization that assist single moms and women in transition. Her passion is motivating others in the community to be their “BEST”.

Teshaira has several years of experience in coaching, group facilitation, and counseling. She is
proven in providing career counseling and teaching social and soft skills. She believes in kicking doors down or creating a door if there is no door available. Teshaira is thrilled to work alongside Dr.Dana and can’t wait to meet you all.

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Val Smith
"Business Strategist & Motivational Speaker"

Val Smith is the Business Consultant with Dr. Dana Coaching. Val has been in the business consulting field for over thirteen years. She has proven to be beneficial for startups, idea development, and problem solving. Her role has been invaluable to Virginia International Ministries from its conception to its current status as a thriving nonprofit.

Val has also assisted in the creation of Abundant Streams LLC trucking company and continues to be a valuable contributor to its ongoing operations. She is excited to tackle her new role as business consultant to Dr. Dana Coaching whom she is committed to seeing it through as a successful program for enabling people to achieve their goals.
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Tory Slade
""Multimedia Marketing Specialist "

Tory Slade is the Multimedia Marketing Specialist with Dr. Dana Coaching. Tory has nearly 20 years of experience in media production. After getting started as a teenage musician and producer in local recording studios, he would go on to study Audio Engineering and Vocal Performance at Hampton University and would later launch his media production company.

Audio engineering, videography, photography, graphic design, creative writing, and music composition are services for which he is currently requested. An ear for sound, and eye for visuals, continued learning and attention to detail are the tools he uses to help bring clients’ visions to life. In addition to running his own business Tory also assists his wife with her salon business, and the two of them have 6 kids. His greatest professional desire is to leave a legacy of kindness, service, and integrity that will open doors for generations after him.
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Bri Smith
"Wealth Consultant "

Bri Smith is the Wealth Consultant with Dr. Dana Coaching. Bri is a strong believer in creating generational wealth and living a life full of joy and purpose. Too many people are living in a place of lack and she wants to help change that. As a Certified Public Accountant, she has over 5 years of experience helping manage the money of those making multiple 6-7 figures a year.

She is passionate about helping everyday hardworking men and women to live a life of abundance as well. She has a Bachelor’s in Accounting and Personal Financial Planning. She’s managed to buy 2 homes, sell her 1st home for a 6 figure profit, and win with her personal finances. Now she helps other hardworking parents to build generational wealth and win with their money!
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Cliff Mullen
""Income Protection

Cliff Mullen is the Income Protection Consultant with Dr. Dana Coaching. Cliff is a Military Veteran and financial entrepreneur who has combined over 30 years of service as a salary and personnel specialist and a background investigation analyst. He has experience through multiple government and federal agencies. He currently conducts suitability reviews and investigation determinations for positions of trust in the U.S. Census Bureau with oversight from the Department of Commerce and Internal Revenue Service.  
Cliff obtained his bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice from Saint Leo University in 2015 and is state licensed in the financial industry. He will assist with a forensic review of your financial house and provide beneficial options for entrepreneurs to use to protect their income while building long-term financial wealth.

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