Meet Dr. Dana "Trusted Coach"

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Personal, Business, & Financial Coach, Suffolk, VA.

Many of you know Dr. Dana from her encouraging words on the 5 Minute Word of Empowerment" radio show that comes on Praise the Ultimate Experience.

What you don't know about Dr. Dana is she is a Community Leader, Believer, Motivational Speaker, Lecturer, and passionate about helping you get to your next level!

"I understand how frustating it can be getting your business out of your head, onto paper, and established".

"I started Dr. Dana Coaching to help business minded individuals overcome fears, launch businesses, and create financial wealth".

Dr. Dana has been a requested facilitator for numerous seminars, conferences, and workshops in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. "I love the"light bulb" moment with clients; it gives me great joy to see them learn, grow, and succeed as entrepreneurs".

It started over 10 years ago when Dr. Dana realized her purpose of empowering others through coaching.  After numerous requests by business owners and future entrepreneurs to coach them, Dr. Dana began to take her coaching abilities seriously.  

She was so passionate about helping business minded indivduals, she completed her doctoral degree in the business field and gained a license in the financial industry to provide financial coaching.

Through coaching, Dr. Dana realized that many of her clients don't lack the necessary skills to succeed but rather doubt their ability to suceed.

"I know how it feels when you are creatively frustrated in life but lack self-confidence or a workable plan of action to pursue your dreams. I know how the fear of failure, fear of success, fear of rejection, fear of change, fear of the unknown, and fear of the opinions of others can create self-doubt and barriers to success". 

Dr. Dana's coaching approach is unique. With her educational background in the human service and counseling field, she actively listens to her clients and provides excellent guidance and feedback.

Her doctoral degree in the business field and years of experience as an entrepreneur allows Dr. Dana to give instructions on the do's and don'ts of establishing a business and how to discover your niche.

Her religious background provides comfort to many of her clients who are excited about praying before sessions and involving God in their business ventures.

" I created the Business Made Easy 3-IN-1 Coaching program to simplify business ownership by providing a step by step process to launch your business "without the stress".

"I can't wait to be your greatest cheerleader on your road to succes!"